About Us

innovative pickleball paddles
We started Club Pickleball to bring world-class design to the game. 

Max and McKay met in college, where Max was an all-American lacrosse player and McKay sat in the stands.  A few years after graduating, they realized they both loved pickleball but weren’t satisfied with the design and style of available paddles. They created Club Pickleball to bring world-class design and innovation to a broader pickleball market.

Max The Design Guy

Max is a graphic designer for the Los Angeles Rams.  His work can be seen on urban murals and billboards all around LA.  Over Max's career, he has designed for all major American sports leagues, including the NCAA. Prior to working at the Rams, Max worked for the Utah Jazz and Wolf Athletics Lacrosse. Through his diverse professional experiences in the sports industry, Max has become an expert in sports branding and marketing. 

Max was introduced to pickleball by some friends in college.  His love for the sport grew over the years and has brought friends and family into the game since.  Max has become an excellent advocate for the game in Southern California.  Max's design background in sports and love for pickleball were the perfect match to team up with Mckay and make beautiful, high-performance paddles.  

McKay The Operations Guy

 McKay is an officer in the United States Air Force and a JAG attorney at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.  During law school at Arizona State University, McKay took all the sports classes he could and wrote for the ASU Sports and Entertainment Law Journal.  His research focused on legal topics relating to sports equipment manufacturing.  McKay also worked as a teaching aide for Prof. Michael Mokwa’s sports marketing and strategy class.  

McKay began playing pickleball in high school.  Like anyone who has picked up a paddle, he was hooked after his first match.   McKay thinks pickleball is a great game because it’s one of the few sports that allows him to compete in a meaningful way with his mom.  He hopes Club Pickleball will help grow the game among younger players and create a more accessible pickleball community.            


McKay and Max want their fresh designs and premium paddles to inspire new players to love the game like they do.  To help spread the gospel of pickleball, Club Pickleball organizes and runs weekly pickleball classes and tournaments for players of all skill levels.  Email info@playpickleball.club to join in!